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NancyMcGuire started this conversation

After years of research and experience on this subject I would like to share my opinion.  I have a company  WWW.SMILESFORLESS.COM  we help people find affordable dental.  American and Mexican Dentists, but the phrase affordable dentist, cheap dentist, free dental doesn't seem to apply in America anymore.  The only dentists I have found to be affordable are my friends the Mexican Dentist. 

Mexico and America are very different in thier cultures.  And when it comes to dental and health care Mexico has us beat.  Maybe not in technology, but in providing for the needs people have whether they are Mexican or American.  Mexico continues to help those that come to them for help.  They will not send you away with a prescription for pain killers until you can afford thier services.  They will instead offer you every solution available to them to resolve your problem until they find one for you.  Some may consider Mexico a third world country because thier homes are not fancy, and the cars they drive are ugly, and maybe they don't focus on brand name clothing.  But you also won't find 20 parking spots for handicapped people in front of every store.  In general Mexican's are healthier than American's because health and happiness are on the top of thier priority list. 

Americans are materialistic and appear to be wealthy because of our beautiful homes, cars, clothes.  But if you were to strip away the pretty houses, cars, and clothes and take a good look you will be amazed how many Americans are toothless,  handicapped, or dealing with a condition they can not afford to get fixed; and live on addictive pain killers instead.  In Mexico, if you have ever been there, you can find pharmacies on every corner where you can purchase pain killers very inexpensively. Why can Mexico allow pain killers to be readily available without a presciption and not have the worlds biggest drug addiction problem? Because Mexicans don't have a need for the pain killers they take care of thier health problems instead of masking them with drugs. 

Is it possible Americans have thier priorities mixed up a little?  Why would anyone prefer a Dentist that charges ten times more? Charges you $140.00 for a consultation and sends you away with a prescription for an addictive pain killer? Are we using the pain killler to prevent us from going into shock at the estimate of $19,000.00 or $30,000.00, or to keep us from being depressed that we will never be able to come up with the money or get rid of the pain?  Most dental work is skill and labor, the materials do not cost that much at all.  In fact the research for my company started with the question of "why do we have to wait for a porcelain crown" and "where are you getting it from?"  The answer was Mexico.  The part you may not know is the American Dentist will make you wait 2-3 weeks for the crown to be mailed to his office from Mexico.  He bought the crown for $175.00 to $200.00 and turns around and sells it to you for $1,300.00.  And for the $1,100.00 profit he insist on making for just one crown he will turn you away with a pain killer and sometimes an infection that could kill you.  WHY WOULD YOU TRUST A DENTIST WITH THOSE VALUES AND MORALS???

Same crown made in Mexico will only cost you $200.00 to $350.00 any where in the Country by a Mexican Dentist.  Are the expensive pictures on the American Dentist walls at his office worth the difference in dental care costs.  Mexican dentists offices are usually not decorated at all.  They do not hoard supplies and they want to try and fix all your dental problems immediately when you see them.  They do not drag out your care for weeks and years.  They do a complete job and get you back in a healthy state immediately.  American Dentists drag out the dental care for the same job to get done; only to give you more time to figure out how to pay them ten times more than the Mexican Dentist.  Does it make sense to take care of all your dental problems sooner or spread them out over a year or two seeing the dentist every two weeks?  Which Dentist do you think is right? And which Dentist do you think cares about you or themselves?

Dentist do not take an oath to do no harm like Medical Doctors do.  Do you think waiting a year or two on pain killers and anti-biotics till you can afford to pay a Dentist is reasonable, or have we just become accustomed to doing that?  Do you know someone that has a nice car and needs dental work he/she can't afford? Has a nice home but needs dental work he/she can't afford? Goes to the movies, buys the DVD, but needs dental work they can't afford?  It all comes down to priorities. Do you think that any of your dental needs can be associated to your medical problems? How about Fibromialgia - taking pain pills and tired all the time? Been on so many antibiotics you can't stand to be touched? Do you have silver filings that are giving you mercury poisoning, and possibly causing you not to feel well all the time? But since we can't afford the dental it couldn't be THAT!!!

I can tell you I had all the signs of this Fibromialgia and when I finally went to Mexico and got all my dental problems taken care of the symptoms disappeared.  No more headaches either.  Getting your teeth all fixed will make you feel 20 years younger.  Your self esteem comes back and you want to share your story with the world; so you start a business like mine...OK thats what I did.

When I think back on the years as a single mother I was in constant pain.  I had to work, but when the kids wanted to do anything at all the common answer was: Mommy doesn't feel good, mommy is in pain, mommy cant.  I feel robbed by American Dentists for taking away years of fun healthy quality time I could have spent with my kids; and now it is to late.  Kinda like the Cats in The Cradle Song.  I didn't know about Mexican Dentists then. When I finally went all the work the dentist kept telling me would cost over $19,000.00 only ended up costing me $2,000.00  I got my teeth all fixed, but I couldn't take back the years of pain and suffering.

So who is right Mexican Dentists who do their job because they love it and want to help people but don't have fancy offices? Or American Dentists that have taken the stance that sooner or later you will find the money and they are not doing the work until then; even if you die from an infection or get addicted to the pain killers they prescribed?  This should be a no brainer.....just get to the dentist that will do the job the quickest.  That is the dentist that cares.  Sooner or later when the American Dentist sees we will not put our trust in someone that cares more about money than people in need they will have no choice but re-evalute why they chose Dentistry - to become wealthy or to help people? Going into dentistry I would suppose your thoughts were you wanted to learn a skill to help people with dental problems.  When did that turn into helping only those with good finances? 

American Dentist would argue the high cost is due to the Insurance premiums they have to pay for negligent work and law suits.  I say hog wash, you should be sued for all the pain and suffering you turned your back on.  All the people you turned into drug addicts, and the ones that didn't survive and took thier own lives because of the pain, and/or died from infection that no one attributed back to your neglect of care.  Dental needs is a necessity in life.  Cosmetic dentistry is a luxury.  Please whether you are a Mexican or American Dentist don't lose site of the reason you obtained your skill to help.  Help first those that need, then those that can afford.  Set your priorities straight.

And as for people that have dental needs.  It is important, more important than the DVD you are about to buy.  Dental care is obtainable and you don't have the excuse I'll never be able to afford it so might as well try and take my mind off the pain.  If you read this post you now know you can get all your teeth fixed and get back to a healthier condition which will have you enjoying life again.  Most dental restorations are under $3,000.00, some $2,000.00 and some might be slightly higher.  I'll be glad to give you an estimate anytime call 850-225-6516 or e-mail me at or go to my web site WWW.SMILESFORLESS.COM .

I am an American, and guilty of being materialistic at times.  But I hope this makes you think about your priorities.  I will refer people to American dentists if they have affordable costs.  If you are an American Dentist and you want to help people more than you care about money; please contact me so I can refer you.  This world is filled with people in need - that have been turned away and left hopeless by Greedy Dentists that have practically ruined thier lives.  We need good Dentists. Dental problems can lead to medical problems.  The difference between Dental and Medical and why the two are not considered the same is: All dental problems can be resolved, not all medical problems can.  Sincerely, Nancy McGuire

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Hello Nancy,

Nice to meet you and thank you for being you God Bless.This world need more people like you! I see you're from Florida I'm in New Mexico taking temporarily shelter with my family cause I was homeless.They're just sometime getting by and I'm broke.How and where do I go to receive the help I desperately need? Can you direct me I'd greatly appreciate your time and effort? Waiting for you reply.

Sincerely yours,
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